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Monday, July 21, 2014

Fourth of July

Hey, hey Cyber peeps. 

I apologize you have not had much to creep on as of late. It makes this post super awkward. It's like I broke it off with you for seemingly no reason and am now trying to get you to like me again since I hear you've been reading other blogs. See the dog below? He is mine. We have a ton to catch up on. However, I know that most of you are like me and are therefore only here for the pictures. 

Your wish is my command. 
It's going to be a picture rave in here. 
BLACK AND WHITE. color. Sepia.
Brace yourselves for photo madness.

4th of July.
It's a day when us "lower middle class" (aka: America's paupers) find a reason to dress like we all are rooting for the same football team (because we all know its a pretty d*mn good one) and feast on mystery meat hotdogs while heralding our backwoods roots.

Since we cannot blow sh*t up, we compensate with artificial chemical reactions that facilitate a similar experience: The Firework.

This 4th of July we went down to Yuma, AZ to spend time with Jon's side of the family. 
We loaded up two giant, hairy dogs and away we went.

If you've never been to Yuma, I want you to turn your oven to 400 Degrees and stick your head in it; it's basically the same thing. 

The Husbeast and his kid sisters. 
Above: Desi
Below: Jon's female likeness Savannah

It was so hot that the heat chemically altered my dog's genetic makeup and she basically looked like a raving coyote. 

It was so hot that the pool was basically a hotub. I'm not even joking.
It's a good thing that babies are basically reptiles and don't regulate their body heat, so they didn't really mind. (note: I'm not sure if the aforementioned sentence is true.)

Kali is still not entirely sure how she feels about people puppies. 
In her defense, babies are absurdly terrifying potato creatures.

I just need to stop you for a minute. Look at these eyelashes, Maybelline ain't got nothing on you Sophia

She looks like her beautiful momma. Seriously, Michal. It's stupid. Go be flawless elsewhere.

Ashtyn is the most chill baby ever. Look at those calm eyes. 
She is basically telling you to get on her level.

 I was too busy partying to get much else done.
Here is a picture of the beautiful flag, The wind blew it kind of backwards, just pretend it looks right. 
The 4th of July post would not be American unless it had at least one flag photo.


PS. Stay tuned for the story of how my dog literally exploded. (not in the lethal way, just in the Taco Bell kind of way)

PPS. Did you notice that I totally didn't have a black and white picture???!?!?! #plottwist

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