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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Welcome to my new blog!
While I have several other writing portals and blogs, I decided I wanted to create a more intimate interface that delves a little deeper into my life, particularly as a newly wed.
As a woman who is not particularly domestically inclined, follow me on a journey as I figure out the finer workers to be a wife.
With me, you will learn valuable lessons such as:
1. do not wash reds with any other colors
2. the art of boiling chicken
3. being married = becoming "fluffy"
4. how to be a penny pincher
and many more valuable life lessons...
most of them that you probably should have learned when you were single.
If you are single, and reading my blog, Congratulations! You will be way ahead of the curve.
You probably already know how to do things, like ironing.

Oh, and experience Jon and I like you never have before.
Also, here is a picture of us doing copious amounts of PDA, because people on the internet love that sh*t. 
I should probably forewarn you,
I'm also slightly irreverent. 

Much love,

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