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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Puppy Adventures

Once upon a time, my parents had a border collie that was impregnated by the neighbor's dog. Cute, right? The neighbor's dog dug underneath the fence and decided Bella needed puppies. Which is totally cool with me because I totally love puppies. My parents weren't as cool with it... but now they have no choice but to love 8 puppies. To be honest, I love everything with fur. But puppies have a special place in my heart. It has been scientifcally proven that dogs have special chemistry with people; watch the documentary Dogs Decoded: Nova (conveniently found on Netflix). I use it as logical proof to convince Jon we need a dog. 

Anyways, Bella had 8 puppies, with one terribly tiny runt. This baby is so tiny, he is literally 1/3 the size of the other puppies. His tiny stature lead to him getting bullied. The bullying prevented him from being able to nurse, so we started to bottle feed him, and I completely fell in love. I love this squeaky, belly dragging, drunken tottering, panda-esque puppy. 

Meet Panda Baby, Tiny Tim, Runt, "Writtle Pupper," Tater Tot, Curmudgeon, or whatever you want to call him. Whatever his name ends up being, he is CUTE.
 I do have to admit that I may have romanticized the whole bottle feeding thing. I thought it would be totally easy, really emotionally rewarding as you pull an a wee pup from the brink of death, and not messy. I was SO WRONG. It was hard to bottle feed at first, the bottle was so tiny and it would constantly get blocked. The baby was so lethargic that you could hardly get any down him. He has little needle claws that would scratch your hands (which is why we turned him into a burrito with the use of the towel). The milk replacement was all over you, the puppy, the blanket; it also smelled super weird. It was emotionally rewarding, but it was also emotionally exhausting. 
 This baby is almost four weeks old in these pictures. He looks like he is only about two weeks because he is so underdeveloped. We think he will make it through this period, but he will always be small. I'm totally digging these two scruffy dudes. Look at his little squishy face!
 Also, I feel the need to point out sepia makes photos look timeless and classic. 
Look how good my main sqeezes look here.
Okay, I will be honest, I couldn't decide which photo I should pick for the blog, and my indecisiveness led to you being graced with both. Which one do you prefer? hmmmm? color or antiquated?
 Fun fact about this baby: he potty trained himself at 2 and 1/2 weeks.
Yes, I photographed him peeing for you.
But seriously, what kind of puppy pottytrains himself???
I mean, this puppy was on death's doorstep and could barely walk, but he insisted on peeing outside. 
He is the Einstein of dogs. 
And I'm tots a big fan of Einstein. 
 Look at those puppy toes! 
Puppy toes ranking on the scale of 1 to cute is absolutely-to-die -for-adorable. 
Tomorrow I shall bring you the rest of the gang. Until then, dream of little paws and wagging tails.

with puppy-love, 


  1. This makes me want a puppy SO MUCH. So adorable! And I love the sepia picture. It really does make it classic.

    1. Thank you so much! I just got a nice camera and I love playing around with the editing, but sometimes I feel really insecure because my friends are all photographers. You should see the puppies now! They are so cute! I was able to trick my husband into getting one haha. I'm going to do a post about how to really cut the cost down with getting a puppy, since that typically is the number one deterrent.