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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Motherhood Pick-Me-Ups

       Some of you who know me are probably wondering about my title; because I'm extremely baby-less. However, I know that many of my friends have recently experienced motherhood for the first time and their Facebook posts reveal both the concerns and frustrations that accompany it. It is to you, frustrated, weary, sleep-deprived mothers that I dedicate this post. I'm going to tell you a story, it's called "Bella is a terrible Mother."

Remember this puppy?

The TINIEST runt ever? 
He is the son of Bella and the oh-so-determined neighbor dog who dug underneath the fence. Twice. Bella is an absolutely beautiful dog. She comes from champion line of border collies, has a sleek coat, amber eyes, and just a sweet personality that is just amazing with kids. 
The next time you feel really overwhelmed as a mom, think of Bella.
The dog we had to hold down every four hours so her puppies could eat. 
I decided this was so comical I needed to document it and share it with the world.

This photo reminds me of a zombie apocalypse.
 Victim that shall be fed off of? check.
Slobbery, uncoordinated horde? check.

When you yell at your two year old for coloring on your newly painted walls with sharpie, I want you to look at Bella's face in these photos to help remind you, that you aren't a bad mom. 
Nobody has to hold you down to feed your offspring.

This face below is the best. It is my favorite face. 
This is how I will look when my baby won't fall asleep at two in the morning. 

This is for when you put on TV for the kids.
You aren't a bad mom, you aren't lazy.
Just remember Bella when the guilt monster pays you a visit.

Seriously, this dog is hilarious.

Oh my goodness.
You can tell she is having such a pity party for herself.

I just want to clarify, Bella is not being tortured. 
She is a terrible mom, but it seems to be unintentional. 
Bella just lacks basic mothering instincts.
She looks so tortured when we held her down for the puppies because she can't stand to be in a human presence and not be the center of attention. 
The good news is that by 4 weeks old, we got Bella to kind of nurse on her own. 
Anyways, I feel we need to end this post on the following photo- Bella looks so pleased with herself.
I just see the dog equivalent of an Asian peace sign face. 

With tender motherly-ness,


  1. I laughed SO HARD in bed this morning, reading this right after I woke up. I'm not sure if that affected the level of humor or not, but I nearly died from lack of oxygen. It was fantastic.

  2. I was seriously DYING as I took these photos. I think this dog's facial expressions are just as hilarious when lucid.