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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Surprise! I brought home a puppy...

Jon and I came home with a puppy this last weekend, and everyone acted like the world was over and I'm a ridiculously demanding wife. It really isn't like that, I promise. Jon kind of puts on this show that he didn't really want a puppy, but with several weekend visits and daily pictures for 6 weeks I only had to pout for maybe 5 minutes. If you know Jon, you know he is a stubborn mule and if he didn't want a puppy, then we wouldn't have a puppy. 

If you want to know the real story about how Jon made the decision to get a puppy. The picture below is the answer. She slayed Jon with that single look, and his resolve withered, and he was smitten.
 I know you probably think I'm joking, but Jon LOVES this dog; I'm convinced she is the first puppy he has bonded to. When he comes home, he beelines for this sweet thang and I'm all like, WHAT AM I? CHOPPED LIVER?? Which, as far as the puppy is concerned, I could be. She tests that theory daily on my toes; my poor, poor nibbled toes.
 Haley and DJ had just picked their puppy and we were ready to leave, but she gave us this look and stole our hearts. I swear I could hear Sarah Mclachlan playing "In the arms of an Angel." Doesn't she just look so sad?
  We are still figuring out names; and by figuring out names, we just call her puppy and occasionally one of us will say, "We should really give her a legitimate name." I am tempted to name her after my dog who was stolen when I was little. We called her Amber, but her registered name was Heelwynd. I love it soooo much.  I also am a huge fan of the name Khaleesi, as mentioned in a previous post. I'm kind of all 'named-out' so if you could give me a few more fun suggestions, that would be AWESOME.
Heelwynd? Thistle? Katniss? Khaleesi? Pepper? Calypso? Dakota?

With love

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  1. When can I meet this puppy? I need to assess her personality if I'm going to vote on a name. :)