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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Bunny Lady"

Today, at Home Depot, I walked in and an employee I had never seen before waved at me and exclaimed "Bunny Lady!!" It was the most bizarre experience; I was torn between pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of the title and "who the hell are you?" I looked at Jon who just looked at me and busted up laughing. Apparently, Jon had talked to the employee the night before and told her all about me and my ... rabbits/hobby/obsession? Either way, I go to Home Depot enough for the employees to now call me by my rightful title.

Speaking of the little boogers, it's photo update time!

The first litter is now about 4 weeks. LOOK AT THE TONGUE. LOOK AT IT. Also, how precious do bunnies look in burly man-hands? I love the fact Jon puts up with my crazy AND holds baby bunnies. MY LIFE IS THE BEST. BUT ONLY WHEN I'M NOT HAVING A MELTDOWN.
 The second litter is now approaching 2 weeks. I captured a rare moment of "milk coma." Is that not seriously the fattest belly you've ever seen? It never gets old.
 These babies are doing incredibly awesome. If any of you want a play date with these little guys, holla atcha gurl.

the Most Magnificent, Bunny Lady, first of her name, 

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