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Monday, June 24, 2013

Khaleesi Chronicles: 11 week Birthday

Little Miss Khaleesi ("Callie" or just Khali) is getting to be quite the terror. The couch, which had previously been my lunch-eating safe haven has been breached as she was able to leap up today. Also, her right ear has started to stand while her left has remained floppy; Jon is kind of devastated that she will not have floppy ears as we previously believed.
 Look at that ear! Do you think they will be tipped, or do you think they will stand fully?
 Khali's life progress:

She now rides in cars with no anxiety
She has been in Petco and Ross
She has gone on roadtrips to both Yuma and Snowflake
She has had her second booster shot series
She [mostly] goes pee outside
She is fully kennel trained
She gets the basics of "Fetch"
She has successfully destroyed her first teddy bear
She has claimed her first chewing casualties- my scissors and swiffer

Our baby is growing far too fast, and yet, in some instances not fast enough. She looks like she will stay relatively fluffy, and have a body that is more of a border collie, like her mom. Her color is a steel gray and her eyes match her coat. We are completely in love with this fur child.

With puppy love,

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