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Monday, June 3, 2013

Dwarf Hotot 2 Week Baby Update

So I raise a few Dwarf Hotots. They are a specialty dwarf breed of rabbit. Currently, I am the only breeder in Arizona, although that won't be for long. I am supplying my summer litters to 4-H groups in Tucson and Yuma. I am so incredibly excited as I think the hotot, or "Eye of the Fancy" as they are called, are the most beautiful rabbits. At only 3 pounds, this tiny breed is one of the smallest, which makes them a convenient and utterly adorable house pet.

I've had a really hard time getting any babies as hotots can be a fickle breed to get to produce. 


I know, it's crazy. I had to get really inventive and play Michael Buble to get any little babies up in this joint. 

Anyways, I know that all of  my readers (there are like what, four of you?) don't really want to know about my rabbit's love life- that's okay, because what we really came together to see, is the product of that love life.

Check out these week old cuties. These guys are just so cute. We had three perfect little hotot babies. 
 Okay, seriously. I LOVE the black and white- so timeless. 
 Okay, fast forward one week... look at that face!! LOOK AT IT.
 How can you not love these diva rabbits with their naturally occurring glamorous eyeliner?
 I'm just all sorts of in love. But with a face like this, it is kind of hard not to be. 
 The EARS! Oh, the ears slay me. 
 Currently the genders are unknown, but hopefully we will be able to accurately determine that this upcoming week. 
  If any of you are interested in showing rabbits with me (which you should all be, because it is a grand ol' time), you should shoot me a message! I am hoping to keep one of these babies for the show ring because both parents are from champion lines.
 Imagine yourself with one of these babies. Just let it happen.
 Consider the seed planted, I will be awaiting your call for one of these fluffies. haha
Cross your fingers these babies are all little girls!
I will be doing a three week photo shoot in the next few days and let me tell you- these babies have reached the pinnacle of cute. So keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Until next time, 

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  1. Yes one of those is MINE!!!!!! lol well as long as its a girl! They are getting big so quick. I will be the second breeder of these babys very soon! I can't wait!