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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Birthdays, Bodies, and Bugs: Day 1

So, I am finally getting around to telling you about Jonathan's Birthday. He turned the big TWO-FIVE. 25. Quarter of a Century. We aren't spring chickens anymore. We get fat easy, go to bed at 9, and envision a "good time" as watching an entire season of a show on Netflix. 

I took that Friday off of work to have a 3 day weekend to truly celebrate. We ended up getting a cabin in Heber for a weekend and were planning on doing a fishing trip in the white mountains. Having never gone stream fishing, I was EXTREMELY grateful for our cabin with hot running water. 

Day 1: We revisited Jon's favorite stream to fish in over by Greer. 

If you go stream fishing, I highly suggest some rubber irrigation boots. It was incredibly beautiful, although it was also bittersweet. The last time Jon had been in this area was before the last forest fire. There were still hundreds of dead, scorched trees.

I really love this photo of Jon; it might be my all time favorite, actually. Good job, me.

We seriously fished for like an hour and a half with NO BITES. I, having attention issues and relatively no patience, was having a bit of a hard time enjoying fishing. We finally saw this little guy, but he was far to small. I think he is incredibly beautiful though. My vigor was renewed. #catchallthefish

I would love to move to northern Arizona. It was the perfect temperature and the fabled color green is there.

I also forgot to get candles (or a cake for that matter), so I made Jon make a wish on these weeds. #bestwifeever

I probably took like 300 pictures of Jon fishing. They all look more, or less, like the image below.

You have no idea the pain these boots spared me. I'm talking hours of being in cold, wet socks.
At this point, we still hadn't caught a fish and Jon was doing his best to convince me that fishing is "fun."

It's not.


Then it starts to really rain. Being from the desert and not accustom to precipitation, I beeline for the car and barricade myself in. Of course, my husband keeps fishing. If you know Jon, then you know there are two things he takes seriously. Clean windows, and fishing. OF COURSE, that is when he catches the first fish.

I'm not even joking; I sat in the car for probably 30 minutes. Here is my shameless selfie to prove my point. #nomakeup

I, being of a non-hydrophilic nature (water loving in a chemical sense), refused to leave the car until it stopped raining; here is Jon with his first fish. #adorable

You are probably thinking I'm uber crotchety. I totally am. However, I did go fishing and I really tried to be a little less cantankerous. I just don't enjoy not being good at fishing. #prideissue

I also ended up catching my first fish EVER. When Jon and I were dating, he helped me catch a catfish.... but I was able to catch and land this fish by myself. I was so excited. I even cleaned him.

Look at his face. He is so adorable. LOOK AT HIM PUTTING MEAT ON THAT TABLE. #afedwifeisahappywife

This was our catch for the first day right before we cleaned them. We got some big trout. We only fished for a few hours, so overall- it was a really awesome day.

Here is a random assortment of photos from the first day:


I hope you enjoyed a little recap of our first day; here is a preview of our second day.

Also, there is going to be a real dead guy story. So you are going to want to stop by that. Finally I apologize in advance for all the hashtags. I just feel they are the perfect delivery mechanism for ADD thoughts. #sorrynotsorry



  1. Favorite line: "You are probably thinking I'm uber crotchety. I totally am."

  2. I want you to know that Rachel, Benjamin and I, the three of us all sat on the couch reading this blog post and totally laughing hysterically. I wish you could write my blog posts for me or bottle up your wit and sell it to me!!!

  3. Ok that picture of you is goooooorgeous. Like shut the front door my buddy is sexy.