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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Beta Fishes. The New Bosom Buddies.

I love my job.

It gives me socialization, validation, a sense of purpose, and a strict schedule. 
Apparently, effective January 1st, it will also give me retirement and some pretty sweet benefits.

I love my cubical.
I refer to the land of cubicals as "Peasanton." 
It's currently my little stable part of the universe that is mine. 
To my right, is my bachelors degree sitting in a $3 Walmart frame in an ironic statement kind of way. 
My $40,000 piece of paper that promised RICHES and GLORY.
In a $3 Walmart frame. 
I view it as my way of peeing on the whole institution. 
My computer screen is an enlarged photo of the most beautiful dog in the entire universe; that would be my dog, in case you were wondering. 
To my left, is a photo of Jon's head on Thor's body. 

AND NOW.....

My cubical will have beta fish.
Adults have very boring lives, so I want you all to take a moment to appreciate this as it will probably be the highlight of my year. 

I'm transitioning departments at work....
basically I had an interview on Friday and I got a promotion!

I treated that interview on Friday like it was a midterm on Lord of the Rings and I blew that bad boy out of Middle Earth. I got that promotion about as fast as the Elves were fleeing to the Grey Havens. 

I'm really excited/nervous/terrified/hungry. 
The hunger has nothing to do with the job- but I could totally go for some Tacos right now. 

Jon got me a beta fish so I would have a friend in the new department. 
I'm thinking of names currently. I've  mostly been toying with the idea of a name that encompasses company jargon such as "Manheim" or "N-MAC." Thoughts? Suggestions? Bank account numbers?

I'm obsessed with how beautiful Siamese Fighting fish are.
However, they are SO HARD to take pictures of. 

I could not seem to capture their colors in photos with the same intensity as in reality.
Then again, it was 9:30 at night under harsh florescent lighting when I was trying-
So I'm going to blame the conditions. 

I seriously love my fish. 
I got the mother of pearl stones for the bowl on sale at Walmart for $2.
Beta pro tip: go to the floral section of Walmart- they have cheaper glass bowls and rocks.
I spent $1.87 on my little orb bowl for my beta and it is perfect. 

I got two betas because I could not decide which I wanted more.
The one with the fancy tail or the one that was LILAC?
(yes, they are in different bowls)

I may be the most ridiculous decision maker ever, but I probably have the most exciting life out of any adult you've ever met. TWO BETAS? WUT? YOU CAN DO THAT?

I can because I'm Kylie The Magnificent, b*tches. 

Professionally Like a boss,

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