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Monday, August 25, 2014

The Adult Vortex

*Flashback Retro Blog Post From December*

 I got sucked into a vortex of adulthood.
In case you have been wondering where I was recently, I was probably adulting somewhere.
Wearing pants. Making phone calls. Responding to emails. Working like a boss.
Who does that?? who wears pants that long?  Pants are a yoke of bondage in these modern times.

The worst part is that I can't even hashtag my true desired responses in said emails. #bitchplease

Apparently sweatpants are NOT part of what is considered appropriate adult wear. #mybad 
I'm going to write an adult survival guide for you. My first bit of advice is for the ladies; invest in maxi skirts- the socially acceptable non-pant pajama. 

So I've been gone. Lost in the world of adulthood. 
It has been really awesome except for the fact that I cannot stand to look at a computer screen or phone when I come home. 

This means I have 10,000 unanswered emails.
46 untouched text messages.
annnnnndddddddddddd..... my voicemail box has been full for a month.
But I am alive!

I will maybe answer your emails/text in another month... but the point is that I am getting there. (<-- this is a lie, we both know I will probably never respond)

I just honestly can't handle technology when I come home. I go all caveman and have to detox from anything that has a screen or talks. 
I'm on the phone all day, staring into my dual monitor set up in a cubical so by the time I come home, I have rabies symptoms if I get a text. 

If you need to reach me, I suggest carrier pigeons or smoke signals. 

However, I realized just how therapeutic writing is for me. I missed connecting on a blog so I am going to try to babystep back into using some technology at home.

Lately, as I thought of myself in my new adult role (as in, post-college/actively pursing career adulthood), I thought of the obsession we have with perfection.

Why do we try so hard to be something we are not?
Why do we seek acceptance with a facade?
What is wrong with loving what we have, who we are, what we look like?

Facebook posts make people sound like they have never known defeat in their life.
Instagram shows the world people are living like kings.
Blogs are carefully typed to portray one aspect of life that is generally positive.

If you are reading this, I want you to know you are awesome. You don't need to have all your sh*t together- you are a work in progress. You are worth being loved. Everything you read or see on social media is either a lie, or is skewed.

LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL TREE. #Dillardscomeatmebrah

My picture screams: Great decorating style, Christmas Enthusiast, an individual who is put together, skillz with the camera, artsy, probably has a perfect relationship (this part is actually true #GoMe), the list is endless.

When you zoom out of the same picture, the emotional connotations change. The picture now says:

messy, disorganized, clutter, attempt at interior design, probably runs to hide when people ring the doorbell.

The Tree did not change, but your perspective did. My tree is beautiful; but now you see that there are things I need to work on . Don't look at people's multiple filtered, instagramed lives and feel less than.

Remember that even the greatest sculptures began as misshapen balls of clay.


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