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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where the Wild Things Are.

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a title to describe essentially the same thing you've already discussed in like.... 80% of your blog?

"Look! It's me and my dogs in the Wilderness...... again."

"Camping/Cabin Stuffs."


What I am basically trying to say is that I will try to be better about writing more things than just those that are related to Northern Arizona.

That being said,
check out our latest venture to the Payson area.

Check out this tongue action. This is seriously my favorite picture of Bronx all time.

Dogs have magnificent tongues. There is this part of me that is really impressed, but that is mostly drowned out by the part of me that is a pathogen freak and doesn't like saliva.


The thing I like the most about getting out of the city is the view of the heavens once the sky is no longer tinged with light pollution. Jordan with J&L Photo is actually the one who took this shot when he was giving me some insight into astrophotography- so I want to give him a quick shout out for being awesome. Also, his wife, the ever so lovely Leslie is a phenomenal photographer. I am truly jealous of their skills.

We went berry picking to make cobbler. (why else would you face the barbs?)

There were many casualties. I had never picked berries before so Jon managed to convince me to go into the thick of the briers. Dessert was never so sweet, nor painful.

Jon had grown this magnificent beard for the trip. He has truly earned the name "Husbeast."

Okay. this girl. I have a hard core crush on her. I really admire entrepreneurialism. She started her company called Londy Locks that originally had headbands, but she is moving on to her dream of custom leather accessories. I'm a big fan. I'm such a big fan, I snapped a few shots and I am sharing them with you.

Someone please buy me all the things.

You probably need this, too.

Check out those big blues.

This little girl had all the men wrapped around her little fingers. It was hilarious.

Leslie looks so regal with her mancub. I have to admit, both babies are  ridiculously attractive.
I'm really crossing my fingers that my offspring don't look like the stepsisters in Cinderella.


QUICK HAIR UPDATE: Check out my golden locks. I am finally getting back to Rapunzel status. Should I chop it off? thoughts?

So I was just sitting there, in the grass, minding my own business.... and I see THIS.
My heart literally melted.

Leslie. stop. You are in the wilderness, covered in bug bites, stop making it look glamorous. GEEZ.

I practiced important skills, such as flower crowns. This is going to come in handy when I'm applying for my next job.


Here is my favorite pregger. I can't even handle her immaculate eyebrows. You know, when you don't have eyebrows, its really something you admire.


(at this point, I'm not really sure what to say in the captions anymore)






Goodness, this was a hard post to finish. I'm entirely out of things to say. I promise the next blog will be an entirely new idea. This Labor Day was fantastic. Good food, friends, and memories. Berry picking, hiking, an icy plunge in the Blue Hole (to be featured at a later date), more frisbee with the Dogs than all previous trips to the park combined, babies for days, stars, smores, fire, and laughter. A very special thanks to the Odoms for hosting us!


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