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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hello, again

It is pretty obvious I have commitment issues. It smacks you across the face when you come to my blog. A post here, a post there- some semblance of semi-regular postings. Then, POOF. I'm off on a 9 month writing sabbatical. 
I like to make choices on the fly and swing life by the seat of my pants.
It's absolutely terrifying.
I'm not necessarily an adrenaline junkie; I just have a hard time getting my act together, which results in rapid fire decision making out of necessity. 
So I slap a new label on it and pretend it's intentional. 

I'm a procrastinating, unbonded, unorganized, anxietal mess  free spirit.

It's all about rebranding these days.

Anyways, it's time I caught you up on life.

I decided my brand was too boring. I needed something more- perhaps alternative?

So I got a snake.

Her name is Tang and she is delightful.
She is an albino Tangerine Honduran Milksnake.

I actually knew nothing about snakes, and I really wasn't planning on getting one.

Jon and I went to the Phoenix Reptile Convention "just to look."
Funny how that goes, eh?
We were perhaps the most conservative people there, hopelessly trying to blend in.
It was quite apparent that I was a total Noob. 

Most people don't understand why I would want a snake. I actually really appreciate how beautiful they are. I just have a deep seated respect for them. I'm fully aware that Tang cannot love me; but I really just expect her to tolerate me- so we currently have a great relationship.

The awesome thing about reptiles is that they are more of an interactive display. I don't know what I would do if snakes were as needy as my dogs; it would be exhausting. I've secretly wanted a snake for about 9 years. Jon was sweet enough to indulge childhood wishes. My main concern was that the novelty would wear off and I would still need to take care of this creature that would live for 15 years; however, I'm still totally enamored by Tang. 

Thanks for indulging my weirdness, Jon.


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