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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Los Babios

For those of you who don't speak Spanish, my title means "The baby boys." I'm just kidding, it's not real Spanish. I only speak Gringa-nese. If you know Spanish, then you know how funny the word I just invented is. Gringo is white guy, gringa is a feminine form and the suffix "nese" just makes it sound like a legit oriental dialect. I did get "Los" right... I'm just not sure how to say babies. ANYWAYS, you get the picture. In this post, you will get to MEET THE PUPPIES. 

Everyone knows that pictures of puppies are the best. In light of this fact, prepare yourself for a visual feast. 

 Look at all these cuties on their almost 4 week old birthday!
 I'm really trying to sucker Jon into letting me have one, 
as I look at this image, I realized, I might not have to do one thing.
 Los hungry babies. (or babios, whatevs)
 Look at this old man face! 

 This little guy was SO CUTE, but he is so antisocial.
It slayed me.
 Just fall in love, just let it happen.
 This fluffy muffin is a little lady; actually, she is kind of a bully... but she is adorable so we will let it slide.
 This little guy was seriously such a sweet old gentleman, haha.
Is it possible to have ALL of them be favorites?!?!?!
 Look at those eyes!
and the face...
and the tail.
 I just wanted to make sure you were enjoying the puppy thoroughly; so here is a second photo of him.
 I think this image is my favorite^^ squishy faces, blue eyes and nose spots- is there more to life?
 My evil plan is working. Jon will not be able to resist.
 I love puppies. I really do.
 I mean, how can you not?
 Oh, and let's not forget about the runt.
Check out the size difference!
The runt is seriously as tall as the other puppies when they are laying down. 
You just want to gobble him up. 

I hope you enjoyed meeting the babies!
They are nearly six weeks old now and doing great.

With puppy-envy,

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