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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We Wilderness People

Jon is a straight up wilderness man, whereas, I've lived on a farm my whole life, but I've never really done the whole "call of the wild" thing. The first time I "caught" a fish, was on my first date with Jon. Of course, he did most of the work and I was just embarrassed our date activity did nothing to highlight my incredible talents. However, Jon fell in love with my awkward, despite my best efforts. 

Anyways, this past weekend- one of my couple friends invited us to go on a cabin adventure, which was just an incredible experience. I really adore everyone who was there. Haley was simply marvelous at meal planning- Thanks again, Haley! You rock! Oh, side note, Haley just opened her own boutique! You should check her out here.

So, the only thing I really took photos of was fishing.... but hey! look how awesome we look fishing! Clearly Jon is attempting to model for Sports Authority. 
 Fishing is awesomely disgusting. We used live worms as bait for rainbow trout. Check out these faces of disgust.

Oh sweet Sarah. 
 Haha, Haley. 
What would we do without our men putting our worms on our hooks for us?
Atta' boy, DJ.
 I always think fishing sounds so fun. It's like a causal form of magic. I always envision a beautiful babbling stream, the sun peaking overhead, beautiful song birds, and as many fish as my gifted fish-catching hands can carry. Ya.... I caught a Big, Fat ZERO. To be honest though, I did "catch" some awesome images.
Doesn't Haley look like a magical, fish-catching princess in Narnia?
I thought so.
 Sarah was kind of a baller and caught a fish seriously 2 minutes after putting her hook in the water. I also discovered that I am obsessed with taking fish pictures. I hope Sarah forgives me for this silly photo, but she looks so cute!
 There you go, Sarah. A serious, non-blackmail-esque photo. 
 I am convinced Sarah is a wood nymph.
Blonde, slender, fish wrangling capabilities.... 
 Look at my mountain man. 
He was SO content.
I was just busy running from spiders.
 and there is me.... just so you all know, I really only held the fishing pole long enough for the picture to be taken. Life is hard when you have attention problems.
 So as we were returning from our fishing excursion, Jon decided to wild man it up and kept stream fishing while the rest of us went back to the cabin. There were so many fish in our area, but none of them were really biting. I seriously thought I would have to send a search party out to find Jon, because I KNEW he would not come back until he had a fish. Luckily, he managed to get a fish in no time.
 Like I said, I'm obsessed with fish pictures.
 I'm so in love with my handsome, fish provider. 
 I just realized I didn't have any photos of Brock. 
Here is Brock!
Oh and they are having a baby.
It's going to be the next Gerber baby.
 Special thanks again to Haley and DJ!
You guys are awesome!

With love,

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