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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wagging tails and Puppy Toes

Once upon a time, my parent's dog had 8 puppies. You can read about it here and here and also, here. I didn't realize I was so obsessed with these puppies..... but.... uhmm... that's kind of embarrassing. JUST READ MY WHOLE D*** AWESOME BLOG BECAUSE APPARENTLY IT'S ALL ABOUT PUPPIES. Anyways, we went on a cabin trip with some totally awesome friends (and I became obsessed with fish) and you can read about that here.

We left for the cabin trip on Friday night; oh and I should mention that we were 40 MINUTES LATE BECAUSE A BLACK WIDOW WAS CRAWLING ON ME. We did our cabin thing and on Sunday, we planned to stop by my parent's house so Haley and DJ could get a totally adorable, free puppy. FREE PUPPIES ARE THE BEST. Anyways when we got there, and there were adorable puppies everywhere which led to some serious hard decision making. I wanted to take all of them home, but Jon and I had already talked about how we weren't ready for a puppy. 
 After an eternity of deliberation, DJ and Haley fell in love with 
Benjamin Franklin, the Magnificent
also known as "Benny."
 They took a little girl as well to surprise DJ's mom; look at this closeup...
Aren't puppy toes the absolute cutest??
 Overall, I'd say DJ and Haley had a good time.
 Oh, and Jon let me have a puppy.
I know.
I may also be regretting this decision as I haven't slept since.
She is lucky she is to die for adorable.
 I seriously love capturing 'moments'
 We trekked back to the valley with 4 people and 3 puppies.
It was quite the experience.
 Our puppy is semi-named.
I started reading Game of Thrones and really liked the name Khaleesi and we could call her "Calli" but we shall see.
 Haha, droopy eyes and awkward puppy stance.
 Here is a bonus blurry photo; these pups are hilarious.
Alright, well my puppy is currently peeing on my kitchen floor, so... Imma peace out.


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