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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Big, Bad Puppysitter

Once upon a time, there were two puppies who were littermates who went off to be the furbabies of two different, lovely families. Benny, the black and white little boy, and Khali, his gray and tan sister, were as adorable and naughty as two little puppies could  be. Benny's family went to Colorado, and so Benny got to have a week long playdate with sweet little Khali.
 However, the two had so much fun being naughty that they got absolutely filthy
 Benny would eat his breakfast, and then Khali would convince him it would be a good idea to run around really fast. Benny would then throwup- and Khali would proceed to eat it. That was a particularly proud puppy parent moment. 
 Sometimes, Khali would be having so much fun,  she would decide not to use her puppy pad and just pee where she played; inevitably, Benny would get tackled into the yellow puddle.
 Needless to say, the two puppies were having the best of times- but only if they were incredibly dirty and sticky.
That being said, Khali's mommy was a GIANT JERK and she gave those naughty puppies daily baths much to their discontent. She was an evil, bathtime tyrant and the wee pups knew that playtime would be followed by water-related trauma. But the knowledge did little to lift their pathetic looks in the tub. However, the puppies were vigilant, and they would find new ways to get dirty. Thus, happiness forevermore was granted unto them. 

And They Lived Happily Ever After Were Bathed Daily.

The Bathtime Tyrant

ps. I hope you enjoyed the photos in their raw, and unedited glory!

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