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Monday, July 29, 2013

Love is...

Love is watching a black and white VHS Hercules movie with lemon muffins on your honeymoon with your best friend after watching terrible zombie slasher films in a remote cabin while being snowed in.

Love is being proposed to with "The One Ring" in complementary silver tones which make your skin look magnificent.

Love is sharing genuine Mexican meals constantly.

Love is finding the perfect ring from a gal named Peggy at JCPenny's during a 60% off sale. I'm a bargaining, classy fool.

Love is in obnoxious cobalt blue wigs. Because everyone knows Jon is my thing one, and I'm his thing two.

Love is Jon adopting a cat for me despite the fact he absolutely despises felines.

Love is allowing me to act out my fairy princess story, complete with ocean spray and ridiculous wedding dress.

Love is going on road trips with me... despite the fact that I get car sick, farty, and sleep nearly 80% of the time.

Love is lighting my fires, and chopping my wood. It is in story telling, and dreams.

Love is in secret bridge meeting places. Who doesn't love a dilapidated bridge?

Love is in hordes of rabbits which satisfy my fur child complex. Love is in the time we tend them. Love is in the tenderness in which we hold them.

Jonathan Payne loves me so fully, that essentially everything he does is done in love.


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