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Wednesday, July 31, 2013



The worst thing in the world is calling someone who has their life put together while you are trying to have a pity party for yourself. I had to submit a photo for a resume I was turning in at a Dental office- and the first thing I thought was "crap, I don't even have any photos that look like me."

Confession time.

Guys, I got plump. Like, I hardcore put on the pounds. I've put on roughly 30% of what I weighed in High School. It totally sucked because I couldn't even blame it on having a baby. I just felt absolutely dismal. I've struggled with numerous health issues this last year and the sedentary nature of desk jobs hasn't exactly helped. I have avoided friends and having my photos taken because I was too afraid to have people see me as I am. It would be having to face the reality of the weight gain and that was something I couldn't quite come to terms with- because gaining weight is a b*tch.

Well, Today I had to. I put on my lipstick and took several photos for that damn resume. I realized that if I put a picture back from my bombshell days, they probably wouldn't hire me on account of lying when my chubby self came in for the interview. I was really tempted to send this next picture. 


But I didn't and for that I thank my mother for giving me a strong sense of what NOT to do.

So, I'm unveiling my new face.
It is not my favorite look, but hey, I really need to get over this whole body hating thing- it is just incredibly toxic.
Here is my adorable mischievous look complete with lopsided grin...

I realized that I've got a ways to go to getting back to being healthy and in shape,
but doing it while hating myself isn't going to get me there.
So I'm going to put on my chubby grin and eat some damned asparagus. 
and then probably sniff my weird pee, because asparagus does that.
He is a gloating b@stard.

To conclude, I just would like to show you a display of how NOT put together I am.
Haphazard curls? check
uncomfortably chaotic living room? check.
In my own defense, I was unpacking boxes of paperwork and organizing them before I filed them...

Anyways, my life may be a little rough around the edges, but I've got sandpaper, and asparagus. 



  1. I think you look beautiful! and no one has their life together...if they say so they are lying! Hang in there :-)

  2. My gorgeous, gorgeous darling! You need a Red Dress.

  3. You girls are the best! I freaking adore both of you. I need to stop hiding and come see you both.