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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Attitude of Gratitude

Most people know I'm a MoMo (Mormon, whatevs.). You can read more about my beliefs here. I'm not typically the kind of person who raves about what I believe because I tend to be a more private individual. I am not ashamed of my views; I just view them as something highly personal and intimate. However, I am extremely grateful for my religion. It has provided me clarity, a constant reminder of sticking to the basics, and a simplicity in life. I do not view religion as restrictive so much as I view it to be uplifting. I have selfish tendencies and I feel religion makes me a better person. It makes me want to just love everyone. I try, but alas, I am human and am prone to shortcomings. 

While many of my friends are not religious, I just try to be worthy of the title of "friend." I could care less if you are Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Atheist, or anything in between. My personal conviction does not define anyone but myself. I think sometimes religious people forget that and become so overwhelmed with proving themselves to be right that they lose sight of the main goals of their religion. My main goals are to just love the crap out of everyone and be worthy of the title Friend and Christian while living piously. It is true that I want everyone to find the  same level of stability and happiness that I have found through religion- but people have agency and they have to chose that. 

At the end of the day, I just want to be a good person. I want to be known for my kind actions and support. I want to be humble and grateful. I want to be the kind of individual others gravitate towards because they can feel the goodness emanating from my soul. I want to make reality love-filled.

I am extremely grateful for the many things that I have been blessed with. I am grateful for a husband who loves me in spite of myself, for my furbabies that make my soul delight, for a religion that helps me to lead a higher quality life, for family and friends who adore me. I am grateful to be alive another day to continue shaping myself into the person I want to be.

With conviction,

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