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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day One- My life in Less than 150 Words.

SO, I decided to attempt a “blogging” challenge. I may or may not be doing this because I’m currently in a midlife crisis…….. in my twenties. Whatevs.

ALRIGHT….. so…… on that note: DAY ONE. Synopsis of your life in 150 words or less.

^this is what a Changeling baby looks like. #FABULOUS

I was born in Mesa, Arizona one month premature because I didn’t want to keep my Fans waiting. It soon became apparent that I was other worldly- in short, I am a changeling. Despite this revelation, I continued my existence as a menial human being and signed my life away to the education system. I would emerge nearly two decades later as an erudite vixen- having blossomed into womanhood. With my long golden locks, and vulpine figure I managed to snare a husband that I could subject to endless toil and hell on my behalf- such is the way of the changeling. I spend my days tending to forest creatures such as rabbits and staring at my pleasing reflection. My soul delights in mischief. I am Lady Kylie the Magnificent. 

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