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Monday, August 12, 2013

Call of the Wild- Couples Cabin Trip Round Two

Something beautiful happens an hour and a half outside of Mesa on the North side. The fabled color green makes a majestic appearance and the temperature drops so significantly the aging process stops and you remain forever youthful. Okay, so the aging thing may be a lie- but I definitely feel more like a person in the mountains than in the oven we call the Phoenix valley.

So we packed up our dogs and caravaned into the Wild. Bringing Khali was probably the best decision ever. She is seriously the best outdoor dog. Oh, and look at how different this brother and sister duo are developing??

We were totally all smiles (because it was the first day, pre- mosquito plague). Haley did such an AWESOME job once again bringing everyone together and getting a fantastic meal plan on a tight budget. I ate so much better at the cabin than regular day to day life. It was both great and embarrassing.


Dear Fellow Cabiners- I totally didn't actually take very many pictures so a lot of you won't see yourself- Sorry! But here is the group doing manly things in the forest.

Oh, and we all fell in love with this 12 week old puppy. Wrap 'em up, I'll take two. Like, for real. Beady eyes are the BEST.

It was just a perfect weekend and I really don't usually say that. Normally, I need a vacation from my vacation by the time I'm home. The weather was seriously perfect, the people were all such great company, the dogs were having the time of their lives, and we caught fish. Oh, and Jon seriously made the absolute best homemade ice cream, amIright?

Sarah, displaying her wilderness survival skills. Those nimble hands could weave you a bedroll or a roof for a shelter in no time. And seriously, this was day three of the cabin trip with no shower- like, are you kidding me? How is it even possible to look this put together and adorable?? AND DID I MENTION SHE IS PREGNANT? I totally looked like Sasquatch the first night.

I was seriously obsessed with taking the dogs pictures. They were just being little models. Haley, this one is for you- those ears!! haha

So I never went fishing when I was younger. As such, I am entirely captivated by the whole process of fishing, although, my attention span is perhaps a tad too short to do the traditional method, or probably any method. Let's be honest, patience isn't a virtue; it's a myth.

Okay, so Brock put a Doritos cooler ranch chip in the fish's mouth.... get it?? FISH N' CHIPS. I don't think that was entirely what he was going for, but I was entertained regardless.

Remember when I didn't want to post pictures of Sasquatch myself? When I'm getting over it. Here is photographic evidence I was having a bombdiggity time.

And here is another. Don't judge the hair, we can't all be Sarah.

And here is my dog, whom I am obsessed with.

And my husband who seems to only get more attractive with multiple layers of dirt.... why doesn't that happen to women? Also, Brock is looking pretty fly; obviously he is strategizing his plan of attack with fishing.

Soulful Benny, post nap.

Do you ever wonder what is going on in their funny little heads?

Sarah, beasting the wilderness in pregnant mode. Level: Boss.

Seriously? how adorable is this prego with her little fishing pole, and maternity swimsuit, and bump??

I am just so impressed. The bump is so becoming on you, Sarah!

Sarah and Brock- I just can't get enough. 

And just for good measure, here is my dog, possibly for the millionth time.

Those expressive eyes melt my heart. Can you tell who she was looking at? Her people Daddy <3

In conclusion, I grant this gem- a horribly lit, poor posed, auto timed group photo on the last day. Thanks for the memories!

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